Dr. Mike Oney and Dr. Alton Garrison


What you will find in this section:

  • 7 short eBooks which will walk you through the entire process of implementing Acts 2 Mentoring in your church
  • Helpful videos about Acts 2 Mentoring
  • Promotional pieces that can be downloaded and printed

Promotional Videos

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Leadership Overview

R. Michael Oney, Ph.D.

  • Trained hundreds of mentors and mentees for ministry effectiveness
  • Conducted groundbreaking research used in ministerial development
  • Developed 3 Mentoring Certifications: 1) Mentoring Your Church Leaders, 2) Pastor to Pastor Mentoring for the Acts 2 Journey, and 3) Mentoring Church Planting Teams
  • Planted 2 US churches
  • Mentored church planting leaders resulting in 25 new churches
  • Served as a District Executive Home Missions Director and Southeastern Director of Urban Church Planting for the Assemblies of God
  • Ordained with the Assemblies of God
  • Works nationally and internationally certifying pastors to mentor ministry leaders
  • Holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University with a focus on ministerial formation and church effectiveness
  • Serves as an Adjunct Professor/Lecturer for multiple universities

Tutorial: Getting Started in Your Mentoring Circle