• Mike Oney

    Mike serves as the president of Paul to Timothy Institute which he founded in 2010. He and his wife Sharon have pioneered two churches which they served as lead pastors for 23 years. In addition to his pastoral leadership, he has served denominational roles as Southeastern Director of Urban Church Development and Executive Home Missions Director. Mike's Ph.D. in organizational leadership and his 30+ years of leading in the local church well prepare him for equipping pastors to mentor their ministry leaders throughout the world. Paul to Timothy is presently serving churches throughout the US and several nations in the world.

    Mike@paultotimothy.com     (417) 208-6770

  • alton garrison

    Alton's leadership as the former Assistant General Superintendent of the US Assemblies of God and for the last several years as Executive Director of Acts 2 Journey has left an indelible imprint on the world for the Kingdom of God. Acts 2 Journey now serves throughout the world as one of the most effective ministries for developing churches and pastors. Acts 2 Mentoring and Acts 2 Journey Cohorts continue to significantly grow churches numerically and in their spiritual depth. Clearly, Alton's leadership is based upon his spiritual depth, relational wisdom, and proven leadership skills. 

    AGarrison@ag.org     (417) 350-5159

  • Sharon oney

    Sharon is the Director of Content Creation for Paul to Timothy Institute. She is a gifted writer and the creator of the Spirit-Empowered Leaders online curriculum, drawing on years of Mike’s mentoring teachings and her own ministry experience. She is also the author of First Steps Into Ministry, for those first sensing a call to ministry.

    Sharon@paultotimothy.com     (417) 209-4868

  • Rich greenwald

    Rich Greenwald is our Executive Advancement Director for  rural churches. Rich's extensive experience as a rural pastor and his leadership of RAM Network (Rural  America Ministries) uniquely qualifies him to take Acts 2 Mentoring throughout rural America. Rich is also experienced at leading churches through the Acts 2 Journey, making him an excellent resource for developing holistic church health.

    Rich@paultotimothy.com     (406) 229-0144

  • Joshua Montano

    Joshua Montano is our Executive Advancement Director for Latin America. He is an experienced pastor from El Salvador. Josh has a heart to help pastors develop their leadership pipeline, leading to stronger, healthier churches.


    Josh also helps us with Spanish-speaking pastors in the US. He answers the support line for Spanish-speaking  pastors from any country: (417) 200-2022.

  • todd clair

    Todd Clair is our Exec. Advancement Director for ethnic fellowships. He is an experienced pastor and bilingual church planter. Todd has served in several district roles and is also an Acts 2 Journey facilitator.

    Todd@paultotimothy.com    (773) 458-0199

  • Keith sorbo

    Keith Sorbo is our Executive Advancement Director for  Indonesia. He is a life-long missionary to Indonesia  and has taken over 200 churches through the Acts 2 Journey. Now he has translated the online Spirit- Empowered Leaders courses into Indonesian and is making Acts 2 Mentoring available to Indonesian  pastors and district leaders by zoom.

    Keith@paultotimothy.com     (417) 619-0975

  • Keith Kirkwood

    Keith Kirkwood is our Advancement Director serving in Mississippi. He and his wife, Gladys, have been in full-time ministry for more than 40 years, 33 of which have been in the role of Lead Pastor. They believe that a sick world needs a healthy church, and healthy pastors build healthy churches. The Kirkwoods have committed their lives to providing mentorship and resources that equip pastors, missionaries, and their leadership teams to succeed in developing healthy, life-giving ministries within their cultural context.

    KeithK@paultotimothy.com     (228) 217-6793