• Paul to Timothy is Partnered

    with Acts 2 Journey

    Dr. Alton Garrison leads Acts 2 Journey which has proven to be one of the most effective ministries to take churches to their next level in both size and health. Acts 2 Journey has been remarkably effective with declining, plateaued, and growing churches. 

    Alton said, "One of the driving questions that I've had is how can we make what we do even more effective. I'm so glad that I found the answer: Mentoring that comes alongside pastors and equips them to implement the principles of Acts 2 into their unique style and model of ministry."

    Paul to Timothy Institute and Acts 2 Journey have joined resources to produce a new mentor certification: Mentoring Your Church Leaders for Acts 2 Journey.

    This FREE E-BOOK will detail how we can equip you to begin mentoring your ministry leaders  and create a ministry leadership pipeline in your church!


Introducing the Mentoring Your Church Leaders Certification