The 3 Outcomes of Acts 2 Mentoring for Your Church


Equipping Pastors to Mentor Their Ministry Leaders

Why Pastors Must Mentor: 

The greatest need in most churches today is to develop an ongoing leadership pipeline where highly effective Spirit empowered leaders are identified, developed, and empowered.


Mentoring helps new leaders to develop the competencies that they do not yet possess.

What We Do:

  • We train pastors to effectively mentor new and developing leaders.
  • We provide pastors with the resources to take these leaders on a 12-month mentoring journey.

Our 12-month mentoring journey is designed to:

  • Develop a leadership pipeline for an expanding ministry team.
  • Empower church health through Spirit-empowered leadership
  • Empower church growth through organizational effectiveness.
  • Help people find and fulfill their personal destiny in Christ.

Our free E-Book explains how you can enter into a 12-month mentoring relationship with your leaders and develop your leadership pipeline.


7 Steps to Launch Acts 2 Mentoring

Step 1: Explore Acts 2 Mentoring with an Advancement Director.

Step 2: Get certified as a mentor.

Step 3: Launch your core group.

Step 4: Teach Biblical mentoring to your congregation.

Step 5: Launch new group(s)

Step 6: Celebrate!

Step 7: Join an Acts 2 Journey cohort