Let Us Partner with Your Ministry Network

One of the greatest helps that ministry networks can offer their churches and ministries is equipping pastors to mentor their ministry leaders. There is a strong desire among pastors to be better trained in the area of mentoring. 

We extend to pastors two seasons of mentoring:

  • Foundations Mentoring: 6 months to find and form your initial ministry team.
  • Next Level Mentoring: 12 months to develop and empower your ministry team.

We want to partner with you to equip your pastors to mentor their ministry leaders in the local church. 


Our Free eBook describes our process and outcomes

in greater detail:



How Our Mentoring Works for Pastors

Step 1: Receive the Mentoring Your Church Leaders certification training for pastors.

Step 2: Work closely with a mentor for six months of Foundations Mentoring.

Step 3: Sign up your church leaders for a 1-year mentoring journey of Next Level Mentoring.

Step 4: Your church leaders enroll in the online leadership training curriculum: Spirit-Empowered Leaders

Step 5: They take 1 mini-course in preparation for each monthly mentoring session.

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