Develop a Ministry Leadership Pipeline in Your Church

Most pastors realize that there is untapped potential sitting in the sanctuary each week. The Mentoring Your Church Leaders Certification can help you develop that potential and create an ongoing ministry leadership pipeline. 

Check out our Free E-Book to see how your church could benefit from:

  • Paul to Timothy's Mentoring Your Church Leaders Training
  • 12 monthly Spirit-Empowered Leaders courses for developing leaders
  • The Mentor's Meeting Guide which gives an easy to follow outline of what to discuss in 12 monthly mentoring sessions

What are you waiting for? Your next children's pastor or small group leader is waiting to be developed!


How Mentoring Your Church Leaders Works

Step 1: Receive the Mentoring Your Church Leaders certification training for pastors.

Step 2: Sign up your church leaders for a 1-year mentoring journey.

Step 3: Your church leaders enroll in the online leadership training curriculum: Spirit-Empowered Leaders

Step 4: They take 1 mini-course in preparation for each monthly mentoring session.