Mentoring That Leaves a Legacy  


Seven Biblical Mandates for Christian Mentors

R. Michael Oney, Ph.D

Sharon Oney

Mentoring That Leaves a Legacy will guide you through the practical steps of mentoring, using the example of Paul mentoring Timothy. If you've wrestled with how to pass your wisdom on to others as a leader, parent, friend, or pastor, this book is for you.

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Mentoring Ministry Leaders

Map Out your Mentoring Relationships

        R. Michael Oney, Ph.D.

What do you do when your calling feels out of reach? Mentoring fills the gap between what you're called to be and where you are now. But...your mentoring relationship must have clear destination points if you're going to reach your destiny. Mentoring Ministry Leaders gives you the map to follow to fulfill your God-given calling.                                                                                                                  

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First Steps into Ministry

Sharon Oney

R. Michael Oney, Ph.D.

First Steps into Ministry is a book written to address the questions that everyone stepping into ministry asks:

How can I be certain that I’m really called?

How and where do I prepare?

What is my next step?

First Steps into Ministry is a great resource to guide your discussions with a mentor.

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