7 Steps to Launch Mentoring in Your Church

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Step 1: Explore Acts 2 Mentoring with an Advancement Director.

Step 2: Get certified as a mentor.

  • Attend a Mentoring Your Church Leaders certification training with a few key leaders.

Step 3: Launch your core group.

  • Invite core leaders to be mentored first.
  • Sign up for monthly online Spirit-Empowered Leaders courses (you and your leaders).
  • Begin monthly mentoring meetings with your group of leaders.

Step 4: Teach Biblical mentoring to your congregation.

  • We provide a 4-part series from 2 Timothy: Mentoring that Leaves a Legacy.
  • Promote a new mentoring opportunity.

Step 5: Launch new group(s).

  • Launch one or more new groups with new developing leaders to be mentored.
  • Begin online courses and monthly mentoring meetings with your new group.

Step 6: Celebrate!

  • Encourage mentees by celebrating small wins along the way.
  • Host a special Celebration Sunday at the end of the mentoring journey.

Step 7: Join an Acts 2 Journey cohort.

  • Explore the value of taking your church through the Acts 2 Journey Retreats.
  • Invite your mentees to be a part of the Vision Team that attends the four Acts 2 Journey Retreats.